Is it a bench or street photography?

Posted this today on Instagram tagged with #streetphotography without even thinking. Interestingly enough, I had a response from a random on Twitter :

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 5.49.27 pm
I don’t pay much attention to a lot of interweb commentary on stuff. It just never seems to end well, and I have considered turning off the comments function a number of times on this site. Debate feels like it drains the energy out of me sometimes that could be better spent elsewhere.

Zac’s question got me thinking though, further to my post last year “Does Street Photography Matter?”

Inanimate subjects without people in frame do not appear very often in my images. How I think about street photography continues to evolve, without ever feeling like I have it defined. So, is the image “street photography”?

Having checked out Zac’s outstanding portfolio here, I suspect that he would define it as needing human subjects, or at least the suggestion of the presence of human subjects.

Based on my previously mentioned article, I kinda agree with Zac – maybe it isn’t street photography? Maybe more urban landscape? Maybe I tagged it a bit mindlessly?

Featuring in so close to the bench also moves it out of the realm of typical street photography – the bench has become more of an abstract subject rather than a street scape perhaps?

Urban landscapes are something I am thinking about having a real crack at – I started by asking Santa for Stephen Shore’s book “Uncommon Places” to get me started.


Santa delivered on his promise… Not sure if I want to return to shooting in colour though, for this project? Continuing to develop my Black and White skillz is still engaging my mind and shutter. Although, Mrs MelbourneStreetPhotography would prefer to not have the kitchen sink constantly messed up with reels and developing tanks…

About the image itself, I like the stainless, clinical feel, along with the unusual perspective. I felt in a bit of perspective rut yesterday, so I took a couple of shots from unusual angles to blow out the cobwebs a bit. This was the only one that really worked. It was shot on my little Ricoh GR1V on Kodak Tmax 400 – a great street combo! – or should I say “urban landscape” combo?

I also tried this one on the train, but it didn’t quite work…

Roll 222 Tmax400 GR1v968

The floor acts like an horizon line and is just in the wrong place – bisecting the image instead of being in the top or bottom third of the image. Cropping makes it a little better, but doesn’t quite make it a winner… but everything does look cool in panoramic format!

Roll 222 Tmax400 GR1v968-2

Last year, I purposely did not post many images until the Urbanity Exhibition Rob Birze and I held. It was quite liberating not constantly having to feed the social media beasty. It feels like it is time to start sharing more though.

4 Responses to “Is it a bench or street photography?”

  1. I tooget really drained by the debatea that never end lol I wouls like ti think I have given up tring to think what is and what is not street photography What i photograph is also evolving and so far its still street Maybe Street photography itself is evolving.
    Been in Dubbo for six weeks Goimg to call it my barren period Havent really been able to do any people oriented street photography Heading to Sydney on Thursday and if I believed in God I would thank him haha Soon i will ne back on the street Yayyyy!


    • Debate can be a bit draining at times Paul!


      • Yes it can. And most of the time it’s pointless too. My trouble is I get myself sucked in by idiots who don’t get what I’m talking about haha. But seriously, it really is a distraction from the work I find. Less and less interested in debate of any kind really. Sounds kind of egotistical but it’s just about self preservation, or preservation of the creative energies. Funny you’re currently into Shore. I really dig his work and now I’m working with one lens/one camera, I am leaning to the urban landscape myself. Been looking at the American painter Edward Hopper a bit also. Urban rules!!! hahaha


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