Sometimes, I go places!

Hong Kong is one of my favourite places to photograph. The whole place is crammed with people everywhere you go. Odds are, a few of them are going to be interesting, right? Let’s find out.

Looking through other people’s feeds lately has reminded me that unless an image is shared with others, it doesn’t really have a purpose. I think I will start posting my favourite images more often, along with a bit of commentary to help explain the “why”. So let’s start with an image from a trip earlier in the year to Hong Kong.

I had been thinking more and more about framing and “planes” with a frame – ie foregrounds and backgrounds. And being more aware and quick in seeing potential images.

I was walking down a bustling street and one of the ubiquitous public transport minibuses pulled up and opened up right in front of me. It was shot using a 35mm lens on a rangefinder using HP5 shot at iso 400.

The door of the bus provided an instant frame, and the backlight silhouetted the woman perfectly. It was a solitary moment in a city where people have to find space wherever they can. She is almost enjoying her bus ride – the bus is not teeming with people like the rest of the city. It is a nice moment of quiet.

The opportunity only lasted a few seconds, as the bus doors closed and it moved off to the next stop. Ya gotta be quick sometimes!


One Response to “Sometimes, I go places!”

  1. A brief fleeting peek. Nice capture!


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