Meet at Loop Rooftop Bar

Thanks to the crew that came along to the Rooftop Bar yesterday! We had a great afternoon sharing street photography stories and talking gear. It would seem a luncheon is a little easier to get to than breakfast…

It was great to meet a few people that I have either followed or discussed stuff with on the interwebs.

I also enjoy having a quick try of different people’s cameras – Almost like a swingers’ party for cameras!

I made a ridiculous promise (yah, after a couple of delicious Brooklyn Lagers) to bring along a developing tank and some chems next time to process a black and white film… Not sure I am quite up for that yet! But, you never know.

It was also fun to see most of the peeps who showed up had their own “photographer’s card” – a business card. We swapped them like trading cards!

Only one film camera (even I brought along a digital yesterday!) – Peter’s lovely Leica M6… I think the next meet will see a couple of Xpans turn up for people to try out.

Looking forward to the next meet.

3 Responses to “Meet at Loop Rooftop Bar”

  1. Well done on organising this, much appreciated. I was away for the long weekend, and look forward to an opportunity to meet a few locals at the next event Thanks again.


  2. Someone had to spoil the party.

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  3. Awesome to meet you guys on Saturday. Talking about cameras and photography, plus a bit of footy banter! And tasty beers….


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