2015 Tokyo and Hong Kong Trip Image 4

Mirroring is a powerful way to bring a feeling of symmetry to an image. The combination of the two umbrellas, each on a different plane of the image, and the leading lines of the pedestrian crossing make for a balanced composition.

It rained a lot whilst in Japan, and people love the clear see-through umbrellas. Being able to see through the umbrellas to what lays beyond encourages the viewer to explore the image more. The detail of water droplets on the umbrellas also delivers additional interest.

It was shot on a lovely little Ricoh GR1V compact 35mm camera. A wonderful camera for street photography!

I had already composed this shot in my mind whilst walking around the streets of Shimbashi. I actually took the shot on two occasions, with the one above being my preferred.

The one below was the back up!

Roll 362 M7 flash HP5 iso400034

Whilst it benefits from the mood of being taken at night and what looks like heavier rain, the composition is not quite as compelling as it has been taken from too far away. I think I was standing under a bridge at the time to keep out of the rain? It was shot on a 35mm focal length lens on a 35mm rangefinder body, and used a flash.


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