2015 Tokyo and Hong Kong Trip – Image 6

If you are starting street photography, museums are an easy place to develop some confidence. Everyone has a camera out, and taking shots of everything. Nobody minds too much if you point a camera in their direction as they assume that it is pointing at an exhibit.

There is also a steady supply of subject matter to base compositions on. When photographing at museums, galleries and the like, avoid being lazy. There are plenty of photogenic, aesthetically pleasing scenes – so unless you are photographing the souvenir shop’s postcards, try to add something to the scene that builds on what is already there. Most of the time that is people, but in some cases, it can be just shooting from an interesting angle.

This image comes from the Miraikan – the¬†Japanese Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. The exhibit features a talking android, who could be viewed via a slit in a wall. Couldn’t quite work out why you could only view it through the narrow window, but hey, it is Japan.

Using a wide angle lens on my medium format rangefinder worked well, and gave something that was already aesthetically pleasing to look at, an additional visual layer.

Sometimes you have to take risks. I just stuck my camera in the open window and composed the image as best I could using my imagination – only the lens fit into the gap. Neither external viewfinder for the 43mm lens or the in body viewfinder were of any use. It was one of those wonderful moments where you kinda hope you captured something cool, but are never quite sure until the developing and scanning are done. The anticipation of film is a joy. I am not sure I would have enjoyed the process as much if I had used a digital camera and immediately “chimped”.


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