Melbourne Street Photography


Welcome. Why does this site exist?

1. To help visiting and local photographers identify great locations in Melbourne.

2. Talk about different skills and techniques & help you get started if you want to give it a try.

3. Give me something to do on the weekends.


1. To help visiting and local photographers identify great locations in Melbourne.

I love travelling to other cities and trying to capture my experience of the place. It is a little easier when you have some local knowledge. During a business trip to Florence, several years ago, I was only able to arrange a single day to get out with my camera. There was a promotional postcard brochure that caught my eye at the hotel – guided photo tours. I called the guy and arranged for him to take me out on a private tour. My time was precious…

When I spoke to him, he told me about the various tourist sites he could take me to. This was not what I wanted. If I want beautiful photographs of famous stuff, I would rather buy a postcard or a book – where a professional photographer has completely nailed the shot. I asked him to take me to the ordinary parts of Florence – I didn’t want to go anywhere special, just places that “looked like Florence to the locals”. Best $300 I ever spent. He took me to out the way lanes, local neighbourhoods, buildings etc that I just wouldn’t have found. He taught photography at the local Italian equivalent of a “TAFE” – and was also able to quickly help me see compositions which, whilst a little “cliched”, were very “Italian”.

Every time I travel to another city now, I try to find out as much as I can before I arrive. So this website is me returning the favour. If you are visiting Melbourne, or just getting into street photography, I am happy to share locations that I have found to be happy hunting grounds over the years.

2. Talk about different skills and techniques & help you get started if you want to give it a try.

Becoming an effective street photographer requires some skills that you may not have in your bag of tricks yet. I have always appreciated  the tips that others have shared with me, and have a few of my own hard won lessons to share.

Again, I was lucky enough to make some friends early in my pursuit of photography as an interest who were able to help me with direction. If you want to have a go at street photography, all you need is any crappy old camera and a pavement to walk. And a purpose. Without a purpose, it is just meandering. That doesn’t mean it has to be strict guidelines, just have an idea when you walk out the door what you want to achieve and why.

Photography is a lot like golf. You don’t just show up every now and again and smack a ball around a few holes. That gets boring pretty quickly. Understanding and practicing the skills required lead to more fulfilling results. Read up on a new skill, find a new inspiration from another photographer, pick a new place etc. then go out and use that as a starting point. Don’t just point your camera mindlessly at stuff – think it through. Have meaning and purpose.

3. Give me something to do on the weekends.

Keeping an interest fresh for me means continuously improving. Learning new techniques, going to unexplored locations, getting different results. I have been interested in street photography for almost ten years. Writing things down on this website helps me actively and consciously revisit what I have learnt, and to identify new things that I need to know to improve.

Malcolm Gladwell famously claimed in his book “Outliers” that you need to practice a skill for 10,000 hours (10 years x 20 hours per week) to truly master it. Now, I am not sure I spend 20 hours per week on photography, but when I invest time in actively learning, the results noticeably improve.


I don’t know everything. I am still developing as a photographer. Some stuff turns out great, some doesn’t. Make up your own mind on the content here.

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I have been around the interwebs long enough to understand that trolling is just a drag. All comments are subject to approval – constructive disagreement is fine, but excessive negativity or trolling just isn’t part of the plan.

4 Responses to “Melbourne Street Photography”

  1. What a great idea you’ve had! I like your style and the way you’ve put it together. I’ve done some street photography in Melbourne on occasional three or four day stays when I lived in Echuca for a few years. Headed back to Melbourne in I think it’s late May for a month long housesitting gig. So I hope then to LIVE on the street!! Good on you for doing this site!!


    • Thanks Paul – just went live with the site literally 15 minutes ago – nice to get some positive feedback early. Let me know if you spot anything that I can post up!


      • wow..the first to comment…history!!! haha..will let you know when I’m in town and if I discover anything “new” Cna’t wait actually but sadly I’m stuck here in Bali for a month..Yes i’s a drag but what can you do? LOL. then it’s the Blue Mountains for a few weeks THEN Melbourne town here I come!


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