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Seven Thoughts on Seven Images – Part Two

New techniques, new film, and new locations can help you find new pathways to creative images. Most of my images feature people against cityscape backgrounds. This image was taken back in July 2007 – I was still a relatively young buck still! I had been shooting for some time with digital whilst still in the USA – […]

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Seven Thoughts on Seven Images – Part One

The outfits of the girls in this image helps imagine the original old world charm that Flinders St Station must have had in it’s glory days. It was a very different day out for me, shooting with another photographer, Matt, who has featured before on this blog. I am a pretty solitary beast when out with a […]

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Flinders Street Station

The most obvious spot in Melbourne, and I haven’t covered it off in any detail! What a great place to start a walk in Melbourne. Just catch any train into Melbourne’s central station, Filnders Street. There are plenty of opportunities just waiting there for you… 1. The Platforms Full of interesting people and there is […]

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