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Vivian Maier – Composition Tips Part Six – Summary

  1. Contrast between experiences – a bored subject contrasting with an excited subject. Accentuate the contrast by placing the two subjects on different planes. 2. Look for hopeful “Hail Mary” passes! Subjects that are overly hopeful or optimistic. 3. Spot reflections, frames & windows to include in compositions.       4. You won’t […]

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Vivian Maier – Composition Tips Part Five

Maier’s Typical Street Portrait. Maier has a signature crop to her street portraits. In the image above, you can see the rough size relationship of the subject to the 6×6 frame of her Rolleiflex marked out. Below, you can see the rough dimensions / proportional relationship running consistently throughout the compositions. Even her self-portrait almost conforms […]

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Vivian Maier – Composition Tips Part Four

Find an interesting perspective to shoot from. Maier consistently captured her images from unusual perspectives. From above, below, or even breaking the fourth wall and getting behind the subject. The single easiest thing you can do immediately to improve your street photography is to change your perspective. You can read more on this specifically here. […]

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