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Structuring a Weekend Session

No matter how “arty” an interest is, disciplined regular practice is the best path to enjoyment. Developing and getting progressively better at something is rewarding – whether it be gardening, knitting or something like photography! There are plenty of people who take lots of photos – and happy to get the same results time and time again. […]

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Garry Winogrand – Ideas and Inspiration Part One

Santa tracked down a copy of Garry Winogrand’s “Figments from the Real World” for me last Christmas, and managed to fit in my stocking! As part of trying to get going creatively again, I pulled out the book for the first time as a creative kickstarter. So what did I learn from spending some time with […]

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Does Street Photography Matter?

“At a time when fewer and fewer of the images we see are honest representations of real life, their [Street Photographers] work is more vital than ever.” Sophie Howarth & Stephen McLaren, Street Photography Now My focus has been so heavily weighted to preparing for the Urbanity Exhibition this year, that it has been some time […]

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