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Square , Landscape, and Storytelling…

I am wrestling on which way to go with this image – square or regular landscape format? Normally, I try to keep cropping to a minimum to ensure I consider composition more actively at the time of taking the shot, rather than just mindlessly popping away, knowing I can crop everything later. Composing with the […]

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Ricoh GR Digital Compact

Mid to long focal lengths have been my preferred lenses to reach for when heading out to see what is out there to photograph. My absolute favourite (which will probably change next week – like my fave camera of the week) is 135mm on 35mm. Long enough to get closer, and still short enough to […]

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The Act of Chimping and How to Get That Monkey Off Your Back!

Where would I be without Urbandictionary.com? 1. chimping What one does after taking a picture with a digital camera and looking at the result. Derived from the words they speak when chimping: “Ooo-oo-oo!” Chimping is a relatively recent phenomenon – a rather negative result of the digital age we now live in. Capturing images is […]

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