2015 Trip to Tokyo and Hong Kong – Image 1

Thought you might like to see the complete shortlist from my recent trip to Tokyo and Hong Kong. Please note that I am not looking for critique – it kinda sucks the fun out of sharing for me personally, but understand it works for many other people. I am already a pretty tough self-critic…

Over the next months each shortlist image will be posted here, along with a few notes on the hows and whys of each image.

The first image was shot using a 43mm lens on a medium format film camera using HP5 shot at iso800.

This image uses a combination of the leading lines on the pavement running parallel with the subject’s long shadow, and the vertical contrast of his actual body. The point at which his shadow meets his body is accentuated by the sense of movement and provides nice balance to the image.

There are some great repeating vertical lines in the background giving the subject a feeling of confidence and a purposeful stride.

I usually fret too much about getting too much of a person in frame, leading to images which lack focus. Cropping the subject’s head in this instance somehow gives more weight to the meeting point of body and shadow rather than the person himself.

After noticing the light conditions becoming ideal for “long shadows”, finding the right spot was the trick in getting a great image.



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