2015 Tokyo and Hong Kong Trip – Image 2

Taken at the Frank Ghery Exhibition at 21_21 Design Sight in Tokyo using a 35mm lens and 35mm film.

This part of the gallery was particularly dark, showing projections on the walls. The couple stood right in the  perfect spot for the camera. A triangular shaft of light hitting the female subject and contrasting her perfectly against the wall.

The light hitting her face, with the dark shadowy background works together nicely. The guy with the camera ramps up the story in the frame a bit, she almost looks bored, or at least a bit disengaged whilst he is popping the shutter on his big DSLR.

Triangular shapes often pop up in my more favoured images.

The film was shot at iso800 – would have been interesting to shoot at iso1600 or with a more capable digital body that could handle the low light better. Whilst in this image, the lack of focus adds to the overall effect of the image, I found the light quite challenging in Japan and have a lot of images with a similar feel that will not make the cut.

Oh, and the solid block of cement wall gives the shadow and light something a little textured but not distracting, to play out on.



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