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Discouraged? Develop a Split Personality…

There are times when everyone gets frustrated with their images. Surfing the interwebs to see other photographers’ feeds can be inspiring and instructional. But let’s admit it – sometimes it can also be demoralising… depending on your state of mind. The little man in the back of my head starts piping up – “when are […]

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Does Film Still Matter to Street Photography?

The simple answer is “no”… But why cling to the analogue aesthetic and process? I have noticed a few of my previous stalwart film buddies exiting the genre recently as well, leaving me both a little heartbroken and worried about film. I am not going to prattle on about the dynamic range of film vs digital […]

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111 Bourke Street – Aussie Post HO

There is a great spot on Bourke Street – between Russell and Exhibition Streets for a quick bit of people spotting. The building is the Head Office for Australia Post, and no expense appears to be have been spared. My favourite location here is the building street number sign itself. Stacks of lines and solid […]

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