111 Bourke Street – Aussie Post HO

There is a great spot on Bourke Street – between Russell and Exhibition Streets for a quick bit of people spotting. The building is the Head Office for Australia Post, and no expense appears to be have been spared. My favourite location here is the building street number sign itself. Stacks of lines and solid blocks of tones make great backgrounds for subjects.

roll 10 kodatrix400 bot 969

There are great lines and plenty of subjects around most of the time. Also worth exploring is the mall. There are plenty of great lines and light. I particularly like the various conflicting and intersecting lines. There are some great diagonally aligned supporting columns throughout the mall – you can just see one in the right of the frame below.

roll29 ilfordhp5 400 2t412

There are some stairs on the Bourke Street exit side which can help with getting an interesting, higher, perspective of people going about their daily business.

You can find the location here on Google Maps.


One Response to “111 Bourke Street – Aussie Post HO”

  1. Can’t wait together to Melbourne on the 28th. Staying for at least a couple of months. Street photography paradise!


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