Centre Place

Completing the journey from Flinders Street Station, through the Degraves Street Subway and Street itself, is Centre Place. It is a narrow lane filled with food and people at all times of the day. Again, the light is usually poor, so make sure you ready to shoot at ISO 800 or above with a fast lens.

centre entrance R4a 35mm042

Enter from Flinders Lane. Actually, no, you should plonk yourself down at the entrance as recommended in the Degraves Street location review. There are people coming in and out all day.

There a couple of key spots to be aware of in Centre Place.

1. The Arty Alcove

There is an alcove that is set back in a wall, just before you get to the end of Centre Place and it becomes the undercover arcade. There is plenty of posters and usually someone busking there. At the very least, if it is unoccupied, you can jump in there yourself to provide a different perspective of the passers by.

2. Opposite the Arty Alcove

There is a short lane running at 90 degrees to centre place, opposite the alcove. Depending on how vigilant the owners are, it can have some interesting graffiti from time to time, and offers a good spot to hunker down and take pictures from.

opposite alcove

The light can be very challenging in Centre Place, due to the very narrow nature of the alley. If you can overcome this from a technical perspective, there are plenty of great “hole in the wall” shops.

Centre R4a 35mm

360 degree Pano here.


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