City Square

The City Square is a failed municipal experiment on the corner of Collins and Swanston Streets in Melbourne’s CBD. It has had many different faces over the years. The current one has some great opportunities.

There is a textured wall on the Collins Street side running right along the footpath. This is akin to shooting fish in a barrel for street photography.

There is also a little dog sculpture which can work very well if you can come up with a creative composition. He looks pretty cool. My shot is pretty boring though – I have never really nailed this little guy. Must give it another go.

Kodak 400tx R4A224-2

Walk down into the square from Collins Street and you are presented with two great locations.

1. The corner close to Collins St has two textured walls that join at 90 degrees to provide a great background.

Kodak 400tx R4A215

2. Looking back towards Flinders Street along the water feature

the water

I was lucky enough to take the above photo during some protest that was on. I think it was something to do around Occupy Melbourne? There seemed to be an unusual amount of kids at the protest, all looking for something to do. I can’t remember what it was all about. It was taken from the location where the person is standing in the previous photo, looking back towards Flinders Street.

The Square can be pretty deserted sometimes on the weekends if there is nothing on, but there is a chain coffee store (Gloria Jeans?) there that keeps people coming over.

Take your time here. I recommend sitting up on the ledge behind the doggie sculpture and do some people watching. There are also some good vantage points from the balcony of the Westin Hotel.

360 degree pano here.


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