Footscray Rail Yards

I have quite the passion for photographing big mechanical things – trains, ships, jet fighters to name a few. Can’t quite explain it, but there it is.

If you are heading out to Footscray Station, and you are a bit adventurous, maybe give the Footscray Rail Yards a try. There are plenty of abandoned carriages out there close to the road. To understand exactly where they are located, check out the Google Maps link here. Probably best to travel here by car – there is usually pretty good parking options around Footscray station as well, if you choose to visit there and make a day trip of it.

The abandoned railway cars have been partially covered in graffiti, adding to the gritty apocalyptic feel of the spot. The challenge of these kind of subjects is to capture a perspective or composition that has a fresh feel about it – not as easy as it may seem at first. I took 4 or so rolls and these were the only images I thought were interesting enough to add.

And here is another gratuitous train shot because trains.


Shot down at the Historic Healesville Train Station.

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