AAMI Park Stadium

Melbourne is sports crazy. AFL, Rugby League & Union, Soccer, Cricket, and the list goes on. The stadiums for these sports all offer fantastic urban landscape opportunities, and an opportunity to shoot the fans.

AAMI Park Stadium has a unique triangle filled roof. There is also plenty of concrete to inspire your photography. The Holga image above is an example of what opportunities the roof can offer

You can read more about AAMI Park here.

The location map on Google is here.

The surrounding structures also provide some excellent opportunities, with large pedestrian bridges and other masses of concrete imposing on the landscape. Make sure you move around, and go up the stairs and bridges to higher vantage points to change perspectives.

Due to the gate locations, you can walk right up to all the structures, and around the stadium. Don’t be afraid to poke around until you find an angle that is right for your camera!


One Response to “AAMI Park Stadium”

  1. I thought you were talking abotu AAMI stadium in Adelaide for a moment there! I was going to say that I don’t remember it being quite so picturesque!


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