Glenferrie Station

Glenferrie Station is a surprising location, nestled amongst our quieter, inner city. A short train ride from the CBD, it’s various nooks and alleys are complex and worth exploring. The entire station can be scouted and shot in less than a half hour if you are keen to pop the shutter and then enjoy one of the cafes on Glenferrie Rd.

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The station proper itself exudes ye olde worlde charm. The station itself is well above street level, offering some great opportunities to change perspective travelling up and down the ramps to the platform. Also keep an eye out for the downward shooting opportunities (no, I didn’t successfully one of these to show you!) through the platform gaps to the pedestrian subways below.

The people at Glenferrie Station were pretty non-chalant about being photographed as well – probably due to it being being a meeting point for a lot of student types and less aggressive inner suburban types.

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Once you have explored the upper platform, take the time to walk through and around each of the access points to the station. Each side of the station has it’s own network of pedestrian walkways and arcades. The images above were the ones I was happy enough to put my name to.

Roll 307 tmax400 mam7tde177 Roll 307 tmax400 mam7tde181

These two are not so good, but give you an idea of what other kinds of cool stuff you can discover within the vicinity of the station. The hole in the wall coffee shop has great potential, but I couldn’t quite get the shot – the 80mm medium format lens was not loving the space. Like most business people that predominantly deal in cash, I got the “can I help you?” call from the guy making coffees. I find the only places I ever get any minor grief are locations where people deal in cash only to do deals. Guilty consciences? Dunno. The same thing tends to happen at markets…

I just walked over and asked him for a short black. When he asked me again what I was doing with the camera, just answered honestly and had no further issues – “I take street photos as a hobby and your shop looks really cool”…

Roll 305 tmax400 mam7tde161 Roll 305 tmax400 mam7tde160

After you have explored the station, it is probably time to head back on the train. Whilst Glenferrie has a nice neighbourhood feel about it, there is not a lot happening. Maybe the only thing going on worth photographing is the various butchers duking it out every Saturday with their sample BBQs out the front. The day I went, it was raining goats and sheep – making it hard to get a good shot.


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