Overcoming Low Points in the Creative Cycle : First Try

Pulling negatives off the developing reels, squeegeeing, drying, and then scanning. The best part of the week is when the image that appears on the monitor is one you love. The images on my monitor have not been particularly inspiring for me lately.

When things seem the same each and every week, then you have to force the change. Smash some things together (metaphorically when you are talking prime lenses and irreplaceable film cameras!) and get lost in order to tread new paths.

Until last weekend, I kinda forgot that the trains go in two directions from Richmond – into the city and out to the suburbs. I had lunch plans in Glenferrie, and decided to grab a camera on the way out to catch the train in a new direction – outwards!

Instead of reaching for my current favourite camera, I purposefully went in a different direction. Medium format was the decision, and shooting at ISO 1600 on a rather darkish day.

I felt lighter in spirit and rather excited to be

  • Going to a new location – Glenferrie Station
  • With a camera I hadn’t used for a long time
  • Shooting at an unusual ISO setting for me

As soon as I stepped off the train, things got a little more exciting than they have been for a while. Stopping and spending time at each potential spot worked out – composing the frame and then waiting for the right moment.

Roll 305 tmax400 mam7tde164

I stood at this location for quite some time, playing with my phone so I didn’t look too dodgy before the right subject entered the frame.

Whilst none of the images are worthy of printing, it felt like a step in the right direction. More to come on dealing with low points… Here are the rest – which will also form part of a general post on Glenferrie Station as a location.



One Response to “Overcoming Low Points in the Creative Cycle : First Try”

  1. i love his series !
    i just can get to point about unusual ISO


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