I signed up for an online Udemy course…

I have been a long time fan of Thomas Leuthard, a street photographer based in Switzerland. I love photographers who are also able to share how they get to the final image. Understanding the thought process and techniques someone else uses is invaluable in developing your own skills. I often read and look at other photographers’ images, deconstruct them or read about their technique, and then try and emulate them – “Try them on for size”…

Thomas has some great free stuff at his website here.

I reluctantly enjoyed his recent video “23 Ninja Tips for your Next Photo Walk”.

Why reluctantly? At first, I thought it was just going to be a whole lot of the usual nonsense about “shooting from the hip” and shitty accessories like this :


Thomas did not disappoint me though! The video had some absolutely simple yet classic tips on how to get the best out of yourself on a photowalk.

I ended up signing up for his “Outstanding Composition” course on Udemy. Meh, all I am risking is $US40 for the content. Seemed like a reasonable chance…

You can find the course here :


I will provide a comprehensive review when I complete the entire course – probably in mid 2019…

After watching the first three or four videos last night, I had the following messages embedded in my creative psyche…

Think composition first, then content.

Make sure the the main subject is clear, visible, and free of distractions. 

The right background to your subject is critical.

Less is more.

Get closer. 

I went out this morning with a Nikon F3, 50mm F1.2, and a roll of TMax 400 – Yah, for all you Tri-x freaks out there, I love my TMax! Don’t knock it until you have shot on TMax and used the Kodak TMax developer together!

The 50mm F1.2 was perfect for a dark day, although the depth of field is about 3mm at F1.2…

Here are the winners from a roll of 36. How do you think I went?


3 Responses to “I signed up for an online Udemy course…”

  1. Question: I’ve been watching the Thomas Leuthard course on Udemy as well. And while I am a big fan and have learned a great deal I’m a bit surprised by some of the lessons.
    e.g. Lesson #3 What makes a bad picture. It seems to dismiss complex, layered images. It seems to dismiss the work/style of Friedlander, Winogrand and Meyerowitz just to name a few.

    Your thoughts?


    • I found the course very useful – still have a few more lessons to go though!!! It has been a while since I did Lesson #3 – what particular parts did you find surprising? I can also go back and have a look at my notes as well.



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    […] This ratio is based on film – where you might get one or two frames at best of a subject. When shooting digital, I will often go to “burst” mode to get the best possible single frame – a trick I picked up from Thomas Leuthard’s online Udemy course on street photography. […]


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