The Camera You Have With You.

Have a very busy weekend planned with Mrs MelbourneStreetPhotography’s birthday happening today! Despite this, I managed to squeeze the little Ricoh GR into my bag for a trip into the city.

There was no plan to shoot anything, but whenever I am going into the city for whatever reason, a camera usually accompanies me. The classic question “what is the best camera for the shot?” has a simple answer – “the one you have with you”…

All the street photographers I admire seem to have been prolific shooters – often and regularly getting out with a camera. The great, memorable, masterpiece image is not going to present itself whilst I am sitting on the couch watching the footy.

I suppose it is a numbers game. Create more opportunities for your camera. Get off the couch and get out there.



3 Responses to “The Camera You Have With You.”

  1. I bought a Ricoh GR last week specifically to delve in to this field with an unobtrusive camera. It’s early days but I’m finding photographing strangers hard. Will get easier with experience I spose.


    • Good luck with the GR. Just remember that you don’t have to hide what you are doing! Sometimes, the more you try to hide it, the dodgier you can look to the public. Also, to wide angle of the camera will often mean you don’t have to point it directly at your subject to get them into frame… Let me know how you go with it. It is a wonderful little machine.


    • You should also get out with a group, to get used to it. There are plenty of groups who go out together as well!


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