Juxtaposition – Cheap Shots!

After feeling a bit “out of the zone” yesterday, juxtapositional compositions came to the rescue. Just find a great sign and wait for the right subject to come into frame.


They are a staple for a lot of street photographers – although it takes a fair bit to add enough to the composition to make it truly interesting. The one below is not quite there. I don’t feel I have added enough interest to the composition to “claim” it. Still, it got me back into a good place for the rest of the shoot.

Both images were shot on an old Ricoh GR1v using Kodak Tmax 400.

Roll 223 Tmax400 GR1v012

One Response to “Juxtaposition – Cheap Shots!”

  1. I like these, and Melbourne provides so many opportunities for these (Myer’s Bourke St windows & The Emporium now)


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