Creating Impact – Free Ebook Online – Review

Photographers who take the time to think about their technique, dissect it, and share it are my favourites! After doing some more web research recently, I came across Marie Laigneau’s wonderful little ebook called “Creating Impact”. You can tell how much I liked it by my copious notes captured in the image above…

Laigneau is a very accomplished street photographer with an inspiring body of work. The kind of body of work that kinda just makes me want to give up sometimes! But when someone as talented as Laigneau shares her vision for just a brief period of time, the feeling changes from one of dejection to inspiration. “Am I always going to suck?” to “I can’t wait to get out with my camera tomorrow and try out some of her thinking”…

I often deconstruct the technique of other photographers that I love to try and understand how I can look at the world through their eyes. Laigneau makes it a lot easier by being transparent about her vision.

Her primary philosophy for learning is captured in the quote :

“Street Photography is a journey which starts with the willingness to see the world differently.”

Some of the more interesting concepts from the book for me were :

  • Developing a sense of awareness of the difference between subjectivity – connecting the viewer with the scene vs objectivity – distancing the viewer from the scene.
  • Ideas and techniques around disrupting harmony in an image to involve the viewer more in the image.

Well worth a read. I took plenty of notes!

You can check out Marie Laigneau’s website here.

The free ebook is located here.

Her freakin’ awesome photo book is here on blurb. Buy it! (I did…)

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