Overcoming the Low Points of the Creative Cycle

Sometimes everything looks great in the viewfinder, sometimes things don’t go so well… I have just finished developing some rolls from a weekend in Bendigo with Mrs Streetphotography. They are pretty disappointing. I have been working a bit on urban landscapes, and thought an afternoon walking the mean streets of Bendigo might yield some decent opportunities.

I am sure there were plenty there, but I just couldn’t see them.

One of the most important lessons I have received over the last eighteen months is that creative inertia is only overcome by changing something.

I had been shooting mostly people with an emphasis on faces and mostly waist up in terms of composition, using mostly longer focal lengths 85mm and above. But everything was starting to look the same.

To change, I swapped to wide angles – 35mm focal length max, forcing a change in perspective. I even tried a 12mm Voigtlander Lens at one point (with mixed results!).

12mm is VERY wide!

12mm is VERY wide!

For the last month, I have been “stuck” again though. Nothing coming off the scanner gets me excited. At least I seem to be getting more fussy with my self-curation…

Here are the rest of the shots from Bendigo. Nothing terrible, nothing great. Just five rolls of “meh”.

So, time to change again. After acquiring a minty new toy and primo lens last year, I have probably been a little too monogamous with my gear choices…

Maybe order some E6? (even though my colour perception sucks when scanning). Mind you, I will need to get a second job to pay for the processing!

Shoot a cross section of both close in and some wider stuff with a 105mm Macro lens? At least using a macro on a 35mm film body will force me to do something different.

Get out more at night? Maybe focus on actually learning how to use my flashes properly?

Go to new places?

I still have a few books that Santa delivered, still in their minty plastic wrappers, untouched and as yet untapped. Spending some time with one of the greats and then emulating and interpreting some of their most impactful techniques works for me.





2 Responses to “Overcoming the Low Points of the Creative Cycle”

  1. sometimes to take a pause or to do something different is working. the first time is very wide but great in mood of the moment !


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