Book Review – The Street Photographer’s Manual

A great little book to drive inspiration on those days where you are a bit ho-hum about it all. The author, David Gibson has written a whole book full of tasty little bits and pieces to get any street photographer fiesty and firing the shutter!

The book focuses on short profiles of street photography masters, along with twenty different projects to help stretch any photographer’s bones.

The projects are particularly appealing as they are more conceptual or theme based than most. For example, there is a project called “Looking Down” (sounds familiar!). In four simple pages, Gibson explains the concept, gives some instructive examples, and provides a summary of tips. Perfect for short attention span monkeys like me.

Here is the sample chapter discussed – apparently I am better at taking photos than scanning… the book is crisp white with nice colours, not like my crappy Canoscan!

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This book is going to end up quite dog-eared and falling apart on my bookshelf. To keep growing as a photographer, sometimes you need to surrender to a challenge. Do something you wouldn’t normally do. Each project is perfectly tuned to provide an hour or two of learning out with your camera. Answer the call…

What project shall I choose at random for tomorrow’s outing?

You can buy The Street Photographer’s Manual here :

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