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I signed up for an online Udemy course…

I have been a long time fan of Thomas Leuthard, a street photographer based in Switzerland. I love photographers who are also able to share how they get to the final image. Understanding the thought process and techniques someone else uses is invaluable in developing your own skills. I often read and look at other […]

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SITHOM Exhibition – An Interview with Eko Julianto

Talk to me about street photography. “Street photography is my visual diary, I use it to connect with people through my camera. It also means I remember the experience a lot more. I carry my camera wherever I go, even to the office. I remember a lot more and I use street photography to connect with people. Sometimes […]

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Starting in Film Photography on a $350 budget.

So you have decided to have a crack at film photography? Here is my recommend “first go” kit for under $350.  What do you need? 1. Film Camera Body (featured above) 2. Lens (featured above) 3. Film 4. Someone to develop and scan OR scan yourself.   1. Camera Body. Well, there is some good […]

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