SITHOM Exhibition – An Interview with Eko Julianto

Talk to me about street photography.

“Street photography is my visual diary, I use it to connect with people through my camera. It also means I remember the experience a lot more.

I carry my camera wherever I go, even to the office. I remember a lot more and I use street photography to connect with people. Sometimes I asked for their email address and send them a copy of the photo that I took. Never without fail, I would get a reply stating their happiness at receiving my photograph.”

What do you shoot with?

“On special days, I take my Rolleiflex 2.8f with a few films and my pinhole camera.

But day to day, I carry fujifilm x-pro 1 with 18mm, 35mm, 60mm and a CCTV 35mm lens with a converter. I also carry x100s,

Nikon F3 fitted with 50mm f1.2 and a few films. Joby gorilla pod, lens pen, lens cloth, waterbottle, and a little monopod.

For my Travel, I carry fujifilm x100s, lens hood with filter, gorilla pod, lens pen, a few batteries and memory cards.

Whatever camera I use, it is not really important. I find that what makes a good photograph is interesting subject, composition, lighting and smile on your face :)”

MSP : The Nikon F3 is an all time classic – bullet proof manual focus brilliance – it must be an absolute pleasure to shoot with that 50mm f1.2… Eko has a kit I could drool over all day, as a film buff – the Rolleiflex is something I don’t have on the shelf and was used by my favourite photographers Fan Ho and Vivian Maier. Eko is right though, whilst we love talking gear, the camera doesn’t matter!

Your best tip?

“Never leave home without your camera, smile a lot and pretend to be a tourist helps. Photography is about sharing and interacting with people on the street so get your gear ready to capture that moment. I find that people on the street are more relaxed when I use a small camera Fujifilm X100s than a DSLR.”

MSP : Compact cameras – digital or film are massively under-rated by people for street use…. But those who hit the streets regularly seem to work this out eventually! Cameras like this or maybe like this. Here are some general thoughts on compacts…

Rangefinders can also achieve the same level of non-confrontation!

What’s your favourite “go to” spot?

“Have a wander, explore, walk aimlessly in the city looking for interesting subject with a great light and background. My favorite spot is those little lanes in the city. If I make a nice photograph on that day, I feel like I have accomplished something.”

MSP : Finding undiscovered places is a real treat!

How did you get into it?

“I Started off by a little curiosity. 3 years ago I was curious on what makes good photography.
Like everybody else, I bought a DSLR, thinking that it would make my images looks awesome. I was very disappointed and thinking that my investment was a waste of money. I watched some youtube tutorials and practiced photographing strangers in the city. The more I practiced, the luckier I’ve become. It has become my source of happiness. I find that people smile to me when I photograph them which makes me happy.

I am not a purist street photographer. I am just a friendly guy with a camera documenting the life around me.”

MSP : Being open to learning and approaching it in an organised way is a fantastic approach. Thanks Eko!


My favourite image of Eko’s for SITHOM is the ice cream server. The warmth of the tones reflects the rich sweetness of the ice cream treats being prepared. The subject is naturally framed by the canopy and the customers, along with a light “funnel” highlighting him amongst what would have otherwise a busy foreground.

The light contrast simplifies the image and makes sure the viewer can pick the subject easily and not have to “hunt” despite how busy the image could have been.

The row of customers in the foreground form a plane along the arrow at the front of the image, giving a three dimensional feel to the image. The subject is offset towards the rear of the composition, helping highlight him further.

Eko’s wanderings with his camera have paid off here – I suspect he might have been walking for quite some time before coming across this perfect opportunity to capture part of Melbourne culture.

Thanks for your time Eko!

Eko is Exhibiting at SITHOM 2015

Exhibition details

Where: Victorian Artists Society
430 Albert Street, East Melbourne VIC 3002

When: Thursday, 19 – Monday, 30 March, 2015
Weekdays: 10am – 4pm Weekends: 1pm – 4pm

Opening Event: 7pm, Friday, 20 March, 2015
Extended viewing hours: 10am to 9pm


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  1. Nice interview , this shot of the ice cream vendor is one of my faces too

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  2. good advice for new comers from an accomplished photographer.


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