Urbanity Image Review #11

The subject maketh the shot…

“There are the two basic controls at the photographer’s command – position and timing – all others are extensions, peripheral ones, compared to them.”

David Hurn

You can read more about my thoughts on Hurn’s quote here.

I had found the spot – which gave a great downward looking perspective. All I needed to do was wait for the right opportunity to release the shutter.

The more discerning I am getting as a self curator, the more I find “head high” perspective images less satisfying.

The diagonal lines of the textured pavement guides created a dynamic feel – contrasting with the almost “frozen” stance of the woman. I managed to fire off the shutter (more luck than anything) at exactly the right moment to make it appear as though she has paused, mid stride.

Finding the right spot, and inconspicuously “camping” there until the right subject or moment presents itself is a skill worth practicing. Keep the camera down and out of the way until you are ready – frame the shot in advance and remember where the boundaries of the image will be. Wait for the moment…

I got lucky with this shot – the woman is a complete throwback to another time and adds real interest to the image. But you have to make your own luck with street photography. You have to pull your ass out of bed every weekend, load up your camera bag, and invest time watching the city go about it’s business. Most great street photographers are constantly out shooting. The more you shoot, the “luckier” you are going to get.

You are never going to get lucky sitting on the couch at home watching TV…

The second layer of detail also makes the image. The pattern on the back of the guy’s shirt, the lines drawing the viewer’s eye to the outer parts of the image, and the different textures on the pavement.

The image might have been improved if I was able to isolate the main subject a little more – the cross over of the couple’s outline and the woman is a bit disappointing.

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