Urbanity Image Review #7

Taken in Hong Kong March 2014. Another ripper from the International Finance Centre. Make sure you give it a good look if you are in town.

The simplicity of this image is what I love. Simple tones and colours, clearly framed in three key blocks, let the composition elements stand out.

Scan 2

Things in threes continue to be something I find aesthetically pleasing. The subject #1 is highlighted by the pillars of light in the wall #2 and #3. The two pillars seem to form the base of a triangle that points down to subject #1.

3409032_origThe light is relatively subtle and was a little challenging to cater for. The light columns continue visually with an ever so slight reflection on the floor.

The image has a quiet, reflective feel. Another interesting option could have been to shoot closer, wider, and bring in some more hurried subjects into frame as a contrast.

I would like to imagine that Fan Ho was once again a significant influence for me looking for simple blocks of colour and texture.

The Ho image on the left is provides me with much inspiration to keep working on my photography!


2 Responses to “Urbanity Image Review #7”

  1. Nice light! Gotta love BW for that quality 🙂 I received some Ilford 120, Kentmere and Kodak Porta in the mail today, so it will be used one day when time permits! We never got to the Finance Center in HK. Too busy taking the kids around the National Science Museum, which was fantastic. We stayed int he middle of MongKok, so plenty of photos to be had. I’d go again in a heartbeat actually. Will have to post some shots on my blog at some point. Cheers 🙂


  2. I have to agree about simplicity – it seems the fewer elements there are the greater weight each one has. The challenge in street photography is to find the scenes or the scales that are not too busy. Thanks for your blog 🙂


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