New York Museum of Natural History Moment

Just another quiet moment for an ordinary person in a busy city. I was hulking around a big ass medium format camera on this day, loaded up with Kodak tri-x 400. I was shooting on a standard 80mm lens for this particular image.

The natural framing of the subject at the visual exit point of the image works here. You first have to wander past the visual excitement of the displays to get to the guy. He is not the least bit interested in the displays, no matter how remarkable they are – they are just an everyday part of his workplace. Like we all do, from time to time, he is just looking out the window, maybe wishing his shift was over so he can go home to his family.

There is a wonderfully subtle shadow reflection on the polished floor which finishes off the image beautifully. Not the most exciting image from NYC trip, but one I am constantly drawn to because of the quiet nature of the image. The mirror slap when I took the shot rang out pretty loud in this cloistered environment and ended up disturbing the subject and he moved on, back to his job.

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