Urbanity Image Review #8

Taken in Hong Kong, March 2014. Temple Street Night Market.

Scan 3Well, there is a theme here – a few shots from the Temple Street Night Market made the cut, and there were a few more that got very close to be included in the Urbanity Exhibition. The more you practice a skill, the more you can focus on responding to the ball rather than how to hit it.

Going to the Night Market, I had a plan in mind. Low light photography lenses and film. Fan Ho’s shots of Hong Kong markets and streets were running through my mind.

To improve a skill, look at what the best do. Analyse their results and reverse engineer who they achieved them. By spending the time identifying some of Ho’s techniques, I was hoping to see a little bit through his eyes. Still a long way to go, but it really helped.

I was very conscious of the important things, walking around the market. Potential subjects, keeping out of the obvious field of view, when to use a flash, and looking for composition opportunities.

The image makes use of inconspicuous framing again, in a uniquely Hong Kong way – with fabric. Hopefully, the image is some kind of respectful homage from a Fan-Boy!

The inspiration for this image is the same as the one here and also covers some of the challenges of shooting at the market.

The image’s appeal for me comes from the framing of the stall holder, combined with being “behind the scenes” again. The viewer gets a feel for the anxious boredom of the stallholders. Waiting for potential buyers coming through, knowing that only a small portion will actual part with their hard earned cash. Will the stock I have appeal to patrons?

Many of them were quite disinterested in the customers, and this image captures a small part of this feeling.

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