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Urbanity Image Review #9

Taken in Hong Kong, March 2014. There are weddings happening all over Hong Kong during the week. They appear quite random. Just the bride, groom, maybe one or two others and photographers with magnificent kits of gear. Probably not much different to Melbourne, it is just unusual to see them all week on the streets […]

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Urbanity Image Review #8

Taken in Hong Kong, March 2014. Temple Street Night Market. Well, there is a theme here – a few shots from the Temple Street Night Market made the cut, and there were a few more that got very close to be included in the Urbanity Exhibition. The more you practice a skill, the more you […]

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Inconspicuosity Tip #2 : Angles

How little people notice can be quite amazing. Photo ninja skillz do not involve things like stealthy camera bags with lens holes or 90 degree angle mirror attachments. Actively “hiding” when out with your camera is a tad on the childish side. The less you are noticed, the less you will contaminate or interfere with […]

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