Urbanity Image Review #9

Taken in Hong Kong, March 2014.

There are weddings happening all over Hong Kong during the week. They appear quite random. Just the bride, groom, maybe one or two others and photographers with magnificent kits of gear. Probably not much different to Melbourne, it is just unusual to see them all week on the streets of the city.

At first, I suspected this might have been a celeb pulling up at the hotel, but there was a little too much planning in setting up for the shot. There were about four on the shooting team, including videographer and lighting guy. As soon as I saw the bride, I decided to see what I could make of the situation, without getting in the way.

Weighing up the situation, the best location seemed to be behind the official photogs. The compact rangefinder was great again for avoiding any concerns of me getting in the way. The only way I felt at the time I could make the image interesting was to get show the story of what was happening.

OK, so I gotta get the photographers in shot to show what a big deal was going on – but how to make it interesting? Plenty of people have seen plenty of weddings being shot. Without a bench or high vantage point, I went to my standard “get out” of getting down low. Down on one knee, the angle opened up to have the two guys with their tripod frame the image of the the bride getting out of the car.

It brings the focus onto the bride with a positive upward looking perspective.

I took a couple of shots and moved on.

There were quite a few weddings I came across in Hong Kong – here is another fave that didn’t quite make the cut, but I like. Based on this image, I need to do a bit more work using a flash with street photography! Loving the location here outside of the Dot.Well store at Champagne Court – the #1 spot for second hand film gear in Hong Kong…

HKUrbanity Scans 600redo727




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