Polaroid Resurrection – Exhibition Review

Polaroid photography warms my heart. A technology that was thought to be naff and “yesterday” that has been completely renewed.

The team at Film Never Die have a mission – to promote the whole Instant Photography culture, and to introduce as many people to what could become a lifelong passion. Gary and Hing are fantastic blokes, and have done a great job to get this exhibition up.

So, what did I see at opening night?

There was an impressive range of images. Each polaroid original has been scanned and been printed large, and framed. both the original polaroid and the print are available.


Instant photography is analogue taken to another level. Each image costs about $2, and appears through some witchcraft in a few minutes. Every image has to be “right” – there is a lot of skin in the game when you take an instant photo…

The exhibition opening was energising and fun. Whilst I am not into instant in a big way for myself, it was inspiring to see what the photographers had done with their instant moments.

A lot of the cool kids were there too – I met Jake, the master restorer of ye olden styling Weegee cameras, and Sebastian from Sebastemulsion. Thanks to Jake for taking my portrait.


Both of these guys has some massive skillz working with their hands. Jake’s cameras are sweet (I can feel a purchase coming on…) and Sebastian makes his film from scratch by hand! I haven’t tried it yet, but there will definitely be a purchase to try it soon. And the guys from Film Never Die are always good to chat to – I finally met Gary tonight!

More from these guys soon on the blog.

And James, if you read this, I hope you love your XPan2 – if not, let me know. It would seem I influenced our young friend at a flickr meet… I would happily take the 2 off your hands and sell my 1!

The opening was an experience. I had to buy a copy of the catalogue, it was a beautiful reminder of the images. Gary from FND was also taking a polaroid of anyone who purchased a catalogue to put in the inside cover of the catalogue – awesome! Sonia (Mrs Melbourne Street Photography) was quite jealous when I got home and showed her.

If you ever want to astound people at a party, take a Fuji Instax, take photos of people and blu tac them to the wall throughout the night… The party goers will be mesmerised by the photos with the white borders they thought was just a filter on their phones!

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