Hong Kong Analogue Camera Trail – Camera Film Photo

Vish from Camera Film Photo is a guy who gave up a career in IT to promote analogue photography, and to try and make a living doing it! He is one of the most passionate film photographers I have ever met. Throughout this post, you can see some of his work.


Vish and his Leica!






Vish is exceptionally knowledgeable about film and is proactively learning as much as he can – both for his personal passion and to help his business. Vish has plans to set up a lab and maybe a darkroom. He spent some time explaining the differences between different black and white films that I had no idea about. I learnt a few new tricks for sure! Vish made some great recommendations on developers to match different films to get the best results.

Vish takes very personally learning everything he can about analogue photography – almost duty bound to keep the knowledge and art alive. He has spent a lot of time learning how to create silver gelatin prints, for example. He knows that to be successful in the film business, he needs to know the answers to every question, but you get the distinct impression that he loves what he does.

Holiday Japan

Holiday Japan

He also introduced me properly to the Cura range of straps and clearning gear. I have ended up with quite a few new Cura straps in my bag for the trip back home! They are very comfortable – like air padding on your neck. They also make a lovely hand woven silk strap, but I like the wider straps for comfort’s sake…


The very fancy silk straps are here :



Vish is actually the wholesaler for Cura and Rollei films in Asia, but sells retail through his website. He was happy enough for me to drop in for a chat though, and pick up whatever I needed.

LKF After Dark

LKF After Dark

On this trip, I have tried to open up a bit more to opportunities to meet new photographers – I scored an invite to go out for a shoot with Vish and Bellamy from Japan Camera Hunter, but already had dinner booked at one of HK’s best restaurants. What a conflict to have! Bellamy was in town and is a mate of Vish’s.

Vish is an inspiring photographer. He seems to be fearless and talented. He showed me a few of his framed prints which really got me thinking about my own work. Vish gets out with his Leica at night, when Hong Kong seems to come alive. At the moment, he is working on a project shot in Lan Kwai Fong after dark. His creative objective is to show how out of control the place can get after dark. He shared with me some of the series, and they were memorable, confronting, and captured the feel of the place accurately.

Vish uses his flash on the Leica expertly – shooting a lot of nightclub scenes that are high energy, showing individual moments of movment. Vish also shoots on a Rolleiflex.

Meeting him, and seeing his beautiful prints as really inspired me to reconsider my own photography. Challenged me to aspire to yet another level of both technically and artistically. I had been a little flat and same same with my HK photos. Even though they are still sitting in undeveloped rolls, I could already see in my mind’s eye that they were very similar to what I had done in the past.


My HK portfolio is a good one, but what is the point of taking the same shot over and over?

Part of his portfolio also includes self portraits done in the style of Vivian Maier – where he is subtly visible as a reflection with a frame within the story of the image. He spends a considerable amount of time talking to his subjects for these shots and putting them at ease to achieve the impact he is chasing.

My Reflection

My Reflection

I love photographers who have a clear plan or set of projects… here is Vish’s list!


  • Chinese Invasion – How the people from China affect the people in Hong Kong
  • Rainpressions – Capturing facial express of people during monsoon season in Hong Kong.
  • LFK After Dark or After Midnight(I have yet to finalise the title) – Capturing the craziness that goes on in the clubs and streets of Lan Kwai Fong.
  • Holidays – This project is mainly shot in Color, the photos include holiday destination that I travel to with my family. This is a very special project for myself.
  • Another day at Goodwood – Photographing the goodwood revival event that takes place once a year.
  • My Reflection – capturing my reflection and putting myself in a scene without one noticing.

Vish was happy to spend some time with me – he is extremely generous with his time and was interesting and able to share his hard won knowledge easily with me. The business, Camera Film Photo is a passion for him, so I am sure I will be ordering some more Rollei film from him in the near future to be shipped out to Australia! Vish convinced me to try the Rollei RPX 400 whilst I am here, and to develop it with some Rodinal.

It is specifically designed for the developer. So, I bought some rolls and have shot them – only time will tell how well they come out! Vish is the Asia Pacific distributor for the Rollei range of films.



I have discovered an awesome new lens cleaner through Camera Film Photo from Cura as well. Whilst all the packaging is in Japanese, the demo that Vish gave me left me in no doubt that it was some good stuff!



He was also quite knowledgeable about where to shop in Hong Kong and helped guide me along the Analogue Camera Trail a little further! As a parting gift, he left me with a signed print which I was completely blown away by, and cannot wait to frame when I get back to Australia.


For the record, Camera Film Photo also distribute

  1. Rollei Films, Chemistry and Paper (Asia)
  2. Cinestill Films (Asia)
  3. Fomapan (Hong Kong)
  4. Bergger (Asia, excluding China)
  5. Tetenal (Hong Kong)
  6. Cura(Asia, excluding Japan) – Lens cleaning products and camera straps.
  7. Heliopan Light Filter (Hong Kong) – These are one of the best filters and are made in Germany and they only use Schott Glass.
  8. Japan Camera Hunter Cases (Hong Kong)



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