Hong Kong Analogue Camera Trail – C9.99 Antique Cameras

C9.99 Antique Cameras

Quite limited stock – but what they had was very good. The cameras and lenses were all in pretty good condition. Sorry there are not too many photos – the “attendant” couldn’t quite make up her mind whether it was a good or bad idea for me to get a comprehensive set of stock photos. She landed on the side of caution, so I mostly only have the wide, broad shots!

A good range of accessories here – baseplates, lens caps, lens hoods, etc.

One thing that got my attention was a medium format Alpa in pristine condition. My resisitance started to falter somewhat, so I asked about the item, thinking about how I might justify to my wife… and already building my background “story”. Alas, it was not for sale. It was the absent owner’s “personal” camera. With the temptation removed, I felt quite relieved, although a little disappointed by the false promise behind the display glass. It was an aesthetically beautiful camera which did truly belong in my bag…

Funnily enough, like a few of the camera stores, they had a short range of watches as well. I spotted an Omega Speedmaster and asked about it, just in case I felt I needed one. That’s when I got a little grumpy… It was also the owner’s and “on display” and “not for sale”. Maybe I somehow offended the attendant? I dunno. They sure didn’t want me to buy anything!

If you are in the building to visit Breguet, it is worth the trip.



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