Hong Kong Analogue Camera Trail – Shogun Camera – Tsim Sha Tsui

Shogun Camera

Shogun Camera was full of local film buffs when I visited. A whole bunch of Leica fanboys comparing gear and pawing at all the beautiful lenses and bodies. Their range of second hand Leica lenses was extensive and looked to be in great condition. More targeted at the collector or person looking for quality – there are not a whole bunch of bargains here, but that is a consistent theme across the board in Hong Kong. You get what you pay for…

All the lenses looked to be in great condition. They are a great place to go for accessory bits and pieces. They have external viewfinders, hoods, lens caps etc. Shogun is one of your best bets to get that one piece of gear that is missing from your camera that annoys the heck out of you every time you notice! There was some Voigtlander stock as well.

Shogun has a fair range of Leica R series gear – not something I know much about, but it all looks lovely. It looked as though they had some fairly new in box Leica CLs in the store – I didn’t get them to pull them out, but if you are after one, it might be a good place to start. They also had some of the more recently manufactured Rolleiflex cameras in boxes, and some older models. Nikon S rangefinders were relatively plentiful here as well.

Shogun is online here. 



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