Hong Kong Analogue Camera Trail – M&K Kamera – Champagne Court

M&K Kamera – Champagne Court

All high end gear, in fantastic nick, and staff that clearly love to help people with their camera passions! Very much for Leica collectors who like quality second hand gear. M&K also have a great range of Leica accessories such as flashes, hoods, caps and viewfinders. A great place to find that piece you are missing, although you will only get it at a fair price – but unlike Ebay, at least you can check the condition prior to purchase.

There was a short range of film and chemicals, including a C41 kit which was very tempting! If only I could guarantee I could get it on the plane home…

Some interesting and unusual things, like the pancake Leica lenses which I had not seen before firsthand.

Vincent, who was managing the shop, was extremely helpful and loved to talk cameras in general. He even got out his Leica for me to have a look at, and to admire the Cura Strap he had on it.

Sometimes, the stores seem to be minded by casual staff who don’t know much about cameras except the price. They jump on the phone if a serious buyer comes in and the guy who knows soon arrives. This happened to me quite a bit… So, if the shop attendant isn’t super helpful, or doesn’t seem to know much – they probably don’t. Just ask some more questions and wait for the more senior person to arrive!

I tried one of the Cura Straps and fell in love with it straight away. When I mentioned I would put it on my camera later, Vincent said he would do it and proceeded to change the straps over there and then! My lobster hands welcomed his help… I have a hankering for one of the hand woven Cura straps, but they are $HK750 each – I will see if I can resist the impulse for the week.

They also sell the Cura branded lens cleaner and wipes – which were demonstrated to me by the owner of Camera Film Photo and are just plain fantastic! More about this combination later…

M&K have two branches – these pictures are all from the Champagne Court, 16-20 Kimberley Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong store. The other branch will be reviewed separately. I was interested in picking up a flash – but the ones they had at the Champagne Court branch came without a box, manual, or diffuser. The manual for the flash is one I was unable to find on the internet to download. I asked Vincent about it and he advised me their second store had one, which I eventually picked up. The lesson is – if you don’t see what you want, ask the question…

And perhaps I am crappy negotiator, but the prices listed and the prices they are going to charge you here. Otherwise they advise you to go onto Ebay if you want it cheaper!

They are online here.



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