Planning for a Trip – Tripomatic

Need something better than just Google Maps for planning a photography jaunt to a new city? Try Tripomatic – it is a fantastic app / web based itinerary planner. It is a great tool for planning a day by day, even hour by hour itinerary for your photographic safaris.

It is free to use the basic version – which is 99% fine for most people. Just jump on, pick where you want to go and pin them for each day. The great thing with Tripomatic is that you can export your daily itinerary to a PDF. I am not quite sure why I still like doing this in the age of digital, but it sure makes sense as a back up for your phone battery.

On the Apple App, you can track your day, and open up each location in whatever GPS map function you prefer for the last few directions to get you there.

The only downside is that not all the places you want to go will pre-exist in the app. In this case, just import the GPS co-ordinates from google maps and create a custom place. For each location you can add notes, links, and whatever else you need. Here is an example of a day I had planned out for my last trip to Hong Kong.

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 2.47.18 pm

You can download the whole PDF of my trip here.hong-kong

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  1. It sounds very useful. Thank you!


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