Hong Kong Analogue Camera Trail – David Chan – Champagne Court

David Chan Camera

David Chan is the Mac Daddy of analogue cameras in Hong Kong. I am pretty sure there is nothing he doesn’t know about photography gear. Mention a camera and he will say two things, in this order.

1. That he loves that particular camera.

2. Come over here and check out my stock of that particular camera!

David believes he has the largest range of second hand gear in the world. Yes, the world. I am not sure that I can argue with him on this point… He has quite a few storefronts in Champagne Court – everyone of which is full from ceiling to floor with gear.

Beware – this post has heaps of photos – so, keep scrolling!

DCC has just about everything I have ever seen. They love Nikon gear – ranging from the S series rangefinders limited editions, F series, through to all kinds of weird and wonderful stuff. He is your best bet to find you something. The range of second lenses and cameras is stunning. David has a great selection of mid range medium format systems, Mamiya RB series and Bronicas, for example, and some large format goodies. All the good stuff is wrapped in plastic to help protect and keep it in as good as nick as possible.

If you are after a big sports tele, they have quite a few in stock, in varying condition.

I spied a great range of Pentacon Sixes at the back of a shelf. They all looked to be in good condition. The Pentacon Six is a great way to get into medium format – affordable and they take great shots! There was also a decent selection of lenses.

Reasonably friendly, although keep an eye out for David, in particular, as nothing is too much trouble for him. David came out to see me as I was poking around the various display windows of his store. He was very friendly and interested in my gear and photography.

They have some groovy stuff like the Fuji 645 series cameras which are pretty cool. I spotted a Widelux in the window which was also appeared to be in excellent condition, almost brand new! David stocks a wide range of Contax G series rangefinders and lenses, which are close to my heart as well.

There is a lot of older non-current gear, like Minoltas, and a fair bit of more generic branded stuff like Tamron lenses etc. The store is just choc a block with extra goodies like flashes, flash connectors, eye pieces, and view finders.

Some quirky stuff as well – there was a random Chinese TLR which just fascinated me. I couldn’t quite work out what brand it was, but it lookied new in box! Very tempting…

I have been to Champagne Court a couple of times, and couldn’t quite work out who owned the Hasselblad and Leica shop that always seemed to be closed. I asked David who owned it – and, of course, it turned out to be part of his store. The store is literally set up like a massive tetris game of Hasselblad, Leica, and Rollei gear.

He invited me in to have a look – just getting through the door required some twists, turns, and other ballet moves to get to the good stuff. We got to talking Leicas and he opened a cupboard full of leica bodies stashed away. I am not sure what any single man or person can do with so many awesome cameras, but he is the man to turn to when Camerageddon is finally upon us…

Most of the Leica crowd love their M6s – I prefer aperture priority a little too much to buy one of these babies – and David has rows of them. All wrapped up in protective plastic and looking minty and delicious. The prices reflect the condition. Out of my price range!

David Chan is located at Champagne Court, 16-20 Kimberley Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.

And online here…


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