Hong Kong Analogue Camera Trail – Filme

Filme is very much a passion shop, where the owner is an account by day and film photographer by night! Sounds kinda like some sort of super hero. CC runs her accounting business out of the shop which helps keep her dream alive. Ya gotta make sure the bills get paid after all.


A small shop, but packed with goodies that are well worth the visit. There is some “hard to find” gear here, specially sourced for the Hong Kong hipster set. CC (Cecilia Chow) travels to Japan regularly to source items for her shop. She believes the stock is much better looked after – and she is completely transparent about the condition of each and every camera in the store. Anything that might be a little risky, she was quick to flag.


Filme are very knowledgeable around the cameras, and able to help make a recommendation or tell you a bit about the history of the camera model, or even the particular camera on the shelf. They all feel like CC’s puppies which she knows she must, eventually, reluctantly, adopt out. She was very helpful with her thoughts on the ups and downs of various compacts as a specialty. It was fun talking to her about my own compact camera obsessions…

There is a great, small range of compacts. She highly recommended the Fuji Klasse compact – and I must say, it did look nice. Some Rolleiflexes. There were some extraordinarily nice F series Nikons – I nearly bought home an F3T she had on the shelf… The whisper in my ear was “it looks new in box, Damo – buy, buy, buy”, but I silenced that voice with some responsibility…

She also had a Nikon F6 – which appear to have suddenly dropped in price as a camera, finally. I am not sure how many shutter actuations most of them would have, as not many would have been used professionally, I suspect. Something to keep an eye on. But then, if I need rapid autofocus and all the action packed features, I am probably going to pull out my digital SLR anyway. Film is like slow cooking – the process is supposed to be a bit of a hassle to enjoy it!

Most of the gear came with the original boxes, which I find adds to my enjoyment of the purchase. A completely unnecessary thing, I know, but so is taking photos with film! It also helps the resale value – except I never seem to sell any of my gear…

There is a good range of film here, and CC is a great believer in tranny film. It’s just a shame that E6 film production and processing is evaporating at such a rapid rate in Australia, and I suppose, worldwide. We will miss it when it is gone…


Polaroid is the passion here though. The whole philosophy here, and the set up reminded me of Film Never Die in Melbourne. Filme were lucky enough to be invited to the launch of the new Mint Camera launch. It sounds like these guys have something new up their sleeve for instant photography… Let’s hope it is a new production run of something!

Filme is a great place for people to get started in film or particularly instant photography. CC’s world revolves around analogue photography.

Filme is another passionate base for film. Making a purchase from Filme and other dedicated sellers helps keep analogue photography ticking along.


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