Hong Kong Analogue Camera Trail – The Photocrafters

Like a lot of these places, this one was on an upper level of a very seedy looking building. When I walked up the entrance stairs to the lift, I was greeted by some stern looking HK Police Officers arguing with the door person – who seemed to be pushing back pretty assertively… Something had been going on, but as long as I couldn’t see any body bags or “police line” tape anywhere, I was going on up!

The Photocrafters is a film and print studio with a mission to continue to develop traditional film photography in Hong Kong. It is the home of Simon Wan Chi-Chung, who wasn’t present, but his assistant let me have a look around. They sell a bit of film and developing chems, but I would probably head to Dot Well if you are after some supplies. It was heartening to see a bank of enlargers and full dark room facilities. Everything you need to produce wet prints.


Simon is a firm and passionate exponent of film, and had a great range of Holga prints on display as well. They sell a range of Fomapan Papers, Films, and Chems.

Photocrafters run a series of workshops, helping people develop both their film techniques and skills, and furthering their creative vision. I was disappointed to miss a workshop that was about “Exploring a Place Through Photography” only by a few weeks!


The workshops looked great – introduction to developing both black and white and C41. Self developing C41 feels like a viable option to help keep colour negative film alive – regardless of what happens to E6.

Simon sounded like an interesting fellow whom I would have like to have met. He spent some time hiking through the mountains with a Holga and film to produce a stunning series of images. He also produced a hand printed 30ft long image of the mountains, which wasn’t on display, but sounded pretty darn cool!

Photocrafters is the kind of place to visit when there is an event, or maybe contact Simon prior to visiting if you want to have a chat. Without something being on, it was a bit lifeless – but it looked as though it would get humming with some people doing some printing, or a workshop. Next time, I will time my trip with one of the workshops and see what happens!

Photocrafters 3/F Hang Fat Building, 140 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong







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