Hong Kong Analogue Camera Trail – M&K Kamera Lee Wai HQ

M&K Kamera

Very similar style of range to their Champagne Court branch, just a little more extensive. A great range of Leica lenses, bodies and accessories. I was particularly interested in their flashes. I had looked at an S20 at their Champagne Court store, but it came without the box, diffuser, or manual. Try looking for an S20 Flash manual online – damn near impossible to find, unlike most other things. I searched for about half an nour one night, as I was VERY keen on the flash.

I finally picked up an old thread on the rangefinder forum where some guys were talking about it about 5 years ago. There was a link, but it was broken. Taking a 100-1 shot, I emailed the guy and he actually emailed it back to me – Thanks Frances from francescofragomeni.com for taking the time to help me. I owe you one buddy!

As their range is a fair bit better, they had two or three of the S20s – one of which met my premium requirements of coming with a box, manual, diffuser, flash stand, and the little bag to put it in. They pulled it out for me, popped a couple CR123s in it and let me check it. It fired perfectly and they had a sale! Again, no discounts though, even though this was the third purchase I had made from M&K. They stuck to their guns and I paid the price happily. They wouldn’t even chuck in a $AU10 bottle of Cura lens cleaner or the batteries.

Well, I suppose nobody ever paid their rent and fed the kids by giving stuff away in their business? It was marginally cheaper on eBay, but it was nice to be able to inspect and try the unit prior to purchase. Probably made up for the $AU30 – $50 premium after taking shipping into consideration?

Their range of Leica bodies is not as extensive as some other retailers, so you might need to shop more broadly for your M6 street cred, but the range of lenses is excellent.

They also have a small range of compacts such as the Rollei 35. Also in store are the Cura microwipes and cleaning fluid.

I am posting a link here to the manual for anyone in the future who needs it – it was quite a hassle to find it!

Leica SF-20 User Manual

The range at the Lee Wai building is more extensive and well worth a visit if you are a bit of a Leica person.


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