Hong Kong Analogue Camera Trail – A Final Word

After a few weeks of madly posting, it is all finally coming to an end!

Here is a link to the store locations on Google Maps :


So, you would still prefer the thrill of hunting for a bargain? There are a few markets where you might find something to fill this gap in your life… Maybe Apliu Street Markets? I cannot quite remember. On a previous trip, I had visions of picking up an old Rolleiflex in great condition for a few hundred dollars, maybe?

Pipe dreams.

All the gear at these bargain markets has already been picked over, probably before it even gets to the vendor’s table. Anything of value has already been identified. Since eBay came along, it only takes a few seconds to get an idea of how much something is worth, so the days of picking up a Leica (or even lesser known brands) for a song at the Hong Kong equivalent of Savers are long gone.

My experience of the markets is that they are mostly junk. Film photography seems to attract a lot of peeps who love to pick up an old “beater” for $AU30 – if this is you, then some of the markets are the go. But the gear is often quite poor condition and feels like you are buying trouble… Most vendors have a bunch of cheap plastic SLR bodies and 3rd party lenses. All full of dust and other nastiness.

If I haven’t talked about a particular place, shoot me a message and I will let you know if I have visited it. There are a few places that have not made the short list… If they didn’t have enough gear to warrant a trip, I have left them out. And if you don’t have something nice to say about a store…

I wouldn’t bother too much with digital gear in Hong Kong, unless you have a very specific idea on what you want. Ebay is probably a better bet. It is not that cheap and the guys selling the new gear are pretty sharp. Better to buy local and get the consumer protection you are used to!

Just a reminder, that I never promised cheap gear – if anything, you will pay a slight premium in Hong Kong for analogue gear, but at least you can inspect and try it out prior to purchase here.

Whilst in Hong Kong, I was lucky enough to visit a Ho Fan exhibition as part of the Chai Wan Mei Arts Festival. Seeing some original prints made by Ho Fan back thirty or so years ago was inspiring. I met his agent and biggest fan Sarah Greene from Blue Lotus Gallery. If you have a hankering for a Ho Fan print, she is the right person to talk to!

Bonus – In Hong Kong I can highly recommend popping along to the Fringe Club 2 Lower Albert Rd, Central, for all your art – beer – food requirements! Check it…


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  1. Wonderful writeups! What about sunrisephotohk? Cheers.


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