Other Online Resources


Free MoMA Photography Course Online

A free, online six part course offered by the New York Museum of Modern Art.


Hong Kong Analogue Camera Trail

A guide to the extensive range of second hand analogue gear available in Hong Kong.

Dot-Well Camera

All Good Friend Camera Company

M&K Kamera

David Chan



Melbourne Light

Michael Thomas is a Melbourne Based Street Photographer and has some great tips and articles on street photography on his site.


Marie Laigneau’s Free ebook “Creating Impact”

Laigneau’s book is a wealth of succinct ideas to help challenge your composition and technique. It is worth downloading just for the images.


Free PDF download of “Urbanity” Exhibition Image Catalogue

Click on the link UrbanityCatalogue to download a free PDF copy of the catalogue from my last exhibition “Urbanity”. 

If you like something, you can purchase framed prints at this link from Redbubble.com


Eric Kim’s Street Photography Blog

Eric’s blog was the inspiration for this site. He assesses the styles of many well known street photographers and shares what he learnt, and has some great online tutorials and information.

Eric Kim’s Open Source (Free) Street Photography Course

Haven’t had a chance to have a crack at it yet, but worth a read if you need something to get you started!


Arts Law Website – Legal Information for Australian Street Photographers

Everything you want / need to know from a legal perspective about taking photos in public spaces. Spend some time on this site to understand what is OK and not OK. Mostly stuff is OK from a legal perspective…. They have a great fact sheet you can download here for your camera bag is you are a worrier.

You can also find other relevant advice for Aussie Photographers – things like model releases for commercial work etc.



A long time running blog aggregating some fantastic general photography content. Look for content like this list of photography documentaries.


Strobist – Learn How to Light

A comprehensive set of lessons on how to use flash and other light sources to achieve results. This is definitely the place to start right from scratch on how to use flashes.


Melbourne Silver Mine

Group of Melbourne based photographers promoting the use of film and other analogue techniques. MSM are a social group, holding regular exhibitions, get togethers, and other events. You can also find them on Flickr and Faceboook.


Massive Dev Chart

Formulas and other calculations for those developing their own film. Covers virtually every combination of developer and film. Also have a great smart phone app to help timings for all your developing!


Ilford “How To” Film Guides

Ilford are keeping the film dream alive. Drop in here to get some easy to read guides on analogue film techniques. Their PDF on developing film is pretty cool – click here to download.


Nikon Focal Length Simulator

If you are wondering about how the different focal lengths of your lenese affect what your camera sees, just check out this nifty tool. A great help when you are considering a lens purchase.

Thomas Leuthard Photography

Leuthard has some great free to download ebooks on Street Photography and other topics. He is also a pretty accomplished street photographer with some great work on the site.


Photographer Stories Podcast

Matthew Joseph’s excellent series of interviews with photographers, talking about their images, gear, and other juicy stuff.


The Inspired Eye Street Photography Magazine

An online mag which has some great resources and articles on street photography. It also dabbles in a few other genres.


Japan Camera Hunter

Runs a fantastic “what in your bag” series which is great for gear buffs. Look for articles on things like JCH Ricoh GR reviews and Premium Compact Camera Buyers’ Guide. Mostly a site for film fans, but some great general street photography articles. Oh, and JCH will source you any film camera you desire direct from Japan acting as your agent!


Melbourne Film Locations Register

There is not quite enough information on this site for me, but can be a good starting point for scouting new places to go to. The site is designed for motion picture film makers, not photographers, but still does the job OK.


Urban Light – Melbourne Film Shooter’s Guide

Local Melbourne Blog run by Chris Zissiadis. The highlight is the list of Film / Analogue Photography related resources available in Melbourne. “Ziz” is a considered thinker, and worth a read.



This website was created, and hosted on WordPress.com. Very easy site for creating and maintaining your own website.


Everything Holga

Links to a comprehensive PDF guide to working with Holga Cameras. Also recommended is the parent website Freestyle Photo.


Shooter Files

F. D. Walker, an accomplished street photographer writes on some pretty cool subjects on his site.


Events and Other Shenanigans


Worldwide Pinhole Camera Day 27th April



Blogs I Follow


Fan Ho’s Personal Website

Fan Ho is one of my favourite street photographers who focused primarily on scenes in Hong Kong, using a Rolleiflex.


Ambient Capture

Christine Wilson’s photography blog – some great landscapes and some street / architectural images. Great location reviews with photographs as well.

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  1. Really liking all your content, Fan Ho is amazing thank you for sharing your knowledge 🙂


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