Featured Street Photographer – Ashley Linford

Ashley is a bit of world traveller, currently based in Sydney. You can find Ashley on the interwebs here :

Twitter – @adlstreettog
Flickr – ashley linford
Instagram – @goingeast365
Website – http://www.ashleylinfordstreetphotography.wordpress.com

Why Street Photography?

Street photography kind of just happened for me to be honest, I would scan through my images after a day’s shooting and they were mostly of people. I was new to photography then and didn’t know anything about street photography or that it even existed but something about the general public just used to pull me in. I used to always watch people before I started photography so I think that it was a natural path for me to move forward on.

What Got You “Into” Street Photography?

Its not necessarily what got me into street photography – but what made me carry on with street photography was the fact I had a natural interest in people and what they do in their everyday lives. These people who I take pictures of probably think they are ordinary but I see them as anything but. I also love the fact that you can get feelings and emotions across with photography and that really appealed to me too.

Best Tip?

My first tip is learn all about your camera, what you can do with it, what you can’t do with it and make sure you know it inside and out. It’s so much better knowing where and what your buttons do, without having to pull your camera away from your eye. Then the next best thing you can do I think is practice, practice, practice. Go out and shoot as many photos as you can and have fun with it. Experiment and do thing you have never done before.

MSP : Ashley has a number of thoughtful articles on his website which I can recommend reading. A good place to start would be here :


Favourite “Go To” Spot?

I don’t have a favourite go to spot just anywhere and everywhere.


Well at the moment I have a Canon DSLR which is what I use primarily, I also just started taking my first steps into film photography and I am loving the new learning curve that comes with it. Using a Smartphone is great as well for the stealthiness of it but other than these 3 I have never used any other gear.

Final Thoughts?

Gear doesn’t matter. Honestly, it really doesn’t. The most expensive cameras out there will not make you become a better photographer so don’t go wasting your hard earned cash. Instead you could invest in photo books etc to find inspiration.

Also I believe you shouldn’t go searching for any particular style and it will eventually find you. Just have fun with the whole experience.

Ashley is a prolific shooter – getting out with your camera is the first and best step to developing your street photography skills.


Canon EOS 1200D EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II ƒ/8.0 37.0 mm 1/8 1600 Flash (off, did not fire)

What a great image. Sharpness is not always critical to a powerful image. The relatively slow shutter speed in the low light blur adds to the general feeling of exhaustion and tiredness of the subjects. The male subject, asleep at the rear of the image is a reflection, but is not instantly recognisable as such. It creates a layer of interest in the image.


The second image is another creatively inspired application of the light conditions offered by laneways. The foreground of the image is beautifully dark, and mysterious. The eye is then led directly to the two subjects who, at first, are mostly silhouettes until your eye adjusts to the low light and starts to pick up on the detail.

The colour of the two subjects is similar to the walls and pavements, suggesting the dreary nature of the city and its relationship to the work-weary subjects.


Apple iPhone 5s iPhone 5s back camera 4.15mm f/2.2 ƒ/2.2 4.2 mm 1/33 40 Flash (auto, did not fire)

And a first for MSP – an iPhone image! With the growing quality of phone cameras, why not try it out? After doing a bit of internet research, I think my iPhone 6 has a 31mm equivalent focal length lens, as does the iPhone 5. A great focal length for street photography…

The best camera for any situation is the one you have with you. This image is a great reminder to get your phone out to take “the shot” when you do not have your camera with you!

Thanks for spending some time with MSP, Ashley!

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  1. lovely images and great tips

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  2. Great pics Ashley


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