Featured Street Photographer – Chris Brown

Up next is Chris Brown, another photographer participating in the Shot In the Heart of Melbourne exhibition.

SITHOM Exhibition details

Where:  Victorian Artists Society
430 Albert Street, East Melbourne VIC 3002When: Thursday, 11th – Monday, 22nd May, 2017
Weekdays:  10am – 4pm   Weekends:  1pm – 4pm

Why Street Photography?:

I’m not sure I really know myself, but I do love being out on the street, in the zone, people watching, looking out for ‘that’ shot.

Nothing really beats the thrill of getting home and finding a special image.

What Got You “Into” Street Photography?:

I really started to get into photography as a whole when I was living in the UK and doing a lot travelling in Europe. After a while I got a little bored with my travel snapshots and postcard type images and was more interested with images of people on the street going about their day-to-day lives. I didn’t really know what street photography was at the time but I started to learn, pick it up and look at other photographers work.

Your Best Tip?:

I know it sounds obvious but SHOOT a lot, work out what works for you and continually refine your technique and style.

Your Favourite “Go To” Spot?:

I do like to wander all over the Melbourne CBD however I do like Chinatown in particular due to the amount of people walking around and the interesting backdrops and characters.

What Gear Do You Like and Why?:

I don’t get too hung up about gear. I use both a small Fuji X100T and a Canon DSLR and I love using both (depending on my mood). I would however settle on a focal length you like (I tend to use 35mm) to keep some consistency in your images.

Any Other Links / Things / Thoughts You Would Like to Share?:

There are a lot of street photographers out there and endless images to look at. It can be a bit overwhelming trying to determine what’s good and what’s bad. My suggestion would be to take what others are doing on board, but work out what you like and what your own style is and stick to it.

Let’s check out a few of Chris’ images!

Chris’ focus is very much on people. The first image, above, captures the business of people who are on missions during the day. The use of leading lines on the pavement help draw the viewer’s eye through the image. The horizontal stripes on the subjects’ tops at the front of the image are nicely reflected again in the pavement lines.

The next two images are so different in location, yet so very similar in theme. Both images rely heavily on mirroring – providing a satisfyingly interesting image. Spotting the two women who look like they are twins is a particularly good pick up!

Thanks to Chris for spending a bit of time with MSP.

You can find more of his images here :

3 Quarter Time


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