Featured Street Photographer #1 – Ed Fetahovic

What a great place to start with featuring other Street Photographers! Ed is a Perth based SP focusing heavily on his passion for black and white photography. His website, Monochrome View offers a great mix of all kinds of information and thoughts.


Ed approaches his creative growth in a mindful way, ensuring he is constantly challenging himself to try new things and build the tools to fully realise his natural feel for subjects.

His article on preparing for an upcoming trip to Japan is a great example of mentally prepping for a “big game” just like an athlete does. Break down the skills into individual activities that can be practiced, so that when the “moment” occurs, the techniques to create a perfect moment on the frame come naturally and instantly.

The way Ed is developing his thinking as a photographer is evident in his posts, most of which tend to explore a different facet of photography that he is working on, along with some examples of his responses to the challenges set by himself!

Monochrome View has been up and running since September 2015, and already has some great content. Reading it is like having a conversation with Ed over a beer! Keep up the content Ed. I loved it!

Let’s find out a little bit more about Ed…

Why Street Photography?

To be honest I got drawn into it because of photographers like Willian Klien, Gus Powell and Dayido Moryama. But rather than name dropping I will expand – Street photography can incorporate every style you can think of, from motion, to light, to abstract to long exposure, to portraiture just to name a few, and none of it is staged (or it can be) – it doesn’t really matter (non staged is my preference though). It’s all raw and challenging to me. I discovered this not long ago when I was out one day. I nabbed a photo of a guy standing in the perfect lighting and to be honest I never looked back when realising its everything I like about photography with the added challenge of random chance and probability.

What do you shoot with?

I’m a minimalist in this sense. I use 1 lens; my 28mm -105mm manual focus; my D5100 I bought off my dad like a year ago (subsequently the time I took up photography), and sorry to disappoint but no bag. I go out with just the camera, Maybe I could tell you whats in my pockets instead? I usually have my keys, wallet, phone and my razer gaming headphones, the headphones are usually over my ears though. There’s nothing like being out in the city listening to music as the world go’s by, all the while capturing moments of random probability.

Your best tip?

Practise. You won’t get better just by looking at other people work – you need to train your eye to see more of what is aesthetically pleasing to you (and if like me you over think things, supplement it with some form of research). That statement “training the eye to see what you think is good” is the key – It took me months of frustration to learn that. There is a reason all of the photography blogs and websites say this too – it’s because it’s the one true way to actually getting good at taking photos. Trust me, there’s no secret button on your camera that pintrest can reveal for you, stop scrolling and start snapping!

What’s your favourite “go to” spot?

I don’t have one – and I subsequently don’t want one. I normally try and find something new about the different places I walk though and if I’m walking through a familiar place I do the same; I spend a little bit of my time every day with or without my camera noticing things I never normally would. This is about as hard as training your eye to see the photos you want to take before they happen…but thats why I mentioned practise above, its all encompassing.

What got you into Street Photography?

Random occurrence I guess. I found myself enjoying the idea of photography in the first few months of picking up a camera but the learning curve and the quality that was out there was already so staggering I found myself quite overwhelmed. I think after short while of trying to take a photo I almost gave up because of the staggering difficulty to get noticed – what I didn’t notice was that my photos were very mediocre.

After a while I just decided to take photos of whatever I found interesting and built on that. I’m glad I found that thought though – I probably wouldn’t be doing photography at this stage if I didn’t. So after getting use to and understanding the basics of photography I naturally wanted to push the envelope.

I didn’t really consider street photography for a while after – but to keep the story short, it bloomed through the influence of my partners support in my ideas and development. Also notably I stumbled onto a book which caused a little bit of the right type of inspiration. I found it at boffins and it’s titled : “The World Atlas of Street Photography”. I kind of hit the ground running from there.

What were my favourite images from Ed’s portfolio?

I am still fascinated by self portraits. Ed has been developing a style that features hard lighting and is very compelling. Here is Ed himself!


A great example black and white photography being used to create a unique image, that just can’t be replicated with colour. Ed has a wonderful beard which features heavily, both in the image and then reflected in the strong profile shadow on the stark wall. The image has been converted to BW, but even in colour, it would be quite monochromatic regardless.

The simplicity of the image is so beautifully suited to black and white. The shadow profile has a few little bits and pieces for the viewer to discover – his glasses look a little different in the shadow, maybe a little bit more futuristic?

The careful consideration of the angle of the shadow thrown on the wall is clever and interesting. From a front on view, Ed’s face looks to be a pretty standard angle, due to the two dimensional nature of photographs. The shadow on the wall shows the true angle, but helps the viewer almost disassociate the shadow as an alter ego or similar. It appears somewhat disconnected to Ed in some way to me, but still part of him – a guardian angel? or maybe the “devil” that speaks in your ear when you want to do something naughty!?

Self portraits are something every street photographer should try at some point. It is just part of what all the greats do… so why not you too?


Whilst most of Ed’s work is BW, I loved this image. The solid blocks of colour and texture, offset by the angles of the shadows thrown by the awning are aesthetically pleasing. It reminds me of some of my favourite work by Fan Ho. The colour of the awning is so simple yet contrasts with the orderly nature of the rest of the image. Ed had his eyes open wide the day he spotted this one!


I have not yet really been able to crack this motion style of photography. A lot of the images I am seeing on the net that I like feature this at the moment. I suppose it is a little harder using film – you can’t take an image and see what happened immediately to adjust. Focus is over-rated – Ed has really captured the constant motion of the street in this image.

Thanks for sharing your work Ed.



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