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Hong Kong Analogue Camera Trail – Sencery – Champagne Court

Sencery An unexpected experience. The stock in the window as a little sparse and underwhelming, but there were some hidden treasures inside. Sencery has stock of new in box Rollei compact point and shoots, and some similar Ricohs as well. It was nice to see something a little bit different. There were some other nice […]

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SITHOM Exhibition – An Interview with Eko Julianto

Talk to me about street photography. “Street photography is my visual diary, I use it to connect with people through my camera. It also means I remember the experience a lot more. I carry my camera wherever I go, even to the office. I remember a lot more and I use street photography to connect with people. Sometimes […]

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Wide Angle Photography – Thoughts from a Heretic

135mm (my preferred focal length) gets you nice a close without getting people’s faces. Wide angle photography offers no such buffer zone. Most streety stylin’ photographers I know seem to preach a wide angle faith bordering on fanatical – so what have I been missing? In order to explore wide angle a little more, I […]

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